Logan Thrasher Collins

CTO at Conduit, synthetic biologist, science fiction author, and PhD candidate in biomedical engineering
Hello folks, my name is Logan! I'm a synthetic biologist, the CTO of a biotech startup known as Conduit, a PhD Candidate in biomedical engineering, a futurist, and a published author of science fiction and sci-fi poetry. I've been doing scientific research since I was 16 years old when I invented a de novo aggregating antimicrobial peptide and bacterial conjugation delivery system. Since then, I have done research in synthetic biology, directed evolution, connectomics and computational neuroscience, molecular dynamics supercomputer simulations for COVID-19, diagnostics, and gene therapy. I also have a deep love for the arts and I have done public speaking on bringing together tech and humanities. To learn more about me, I encourage you to visit my personal website: https://logancollinsblog.com/
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